Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Rule of 3 for the perfect query letter

  1. Be sure to mention where you found the agency/agent and information, what you’re querying about, how long it is (word count), if it’s complete, and the why the agent/agency is a good fit.
  2. Include a brief synopsis, like book cover copy (1 paragraph, no more than 250 words). Sum it up and sell it. It should be snappy, interesting, and convey the high points of the story.
  3. Mention who you are, writing creds if you have any, and contact info.

****Don’t be vague, unclear, artistic, or overly-hyper.

NOTE: Be honest. Self-published does not mean you’re a published writer in the conventional sense and the conventional sense is the only one that really matters. That someone else has taken a chance on you (RE: their own money) means a great deal more than you taking a “chance” on you. That you took a chance on you says nothing except that you have money to burn. Many writers try this and aren’t honest about their publishing history. We can find these things out and do.

You can mix the order of the three above, but it’s all you need for a good query.