Friday, 5 March 2010

The value of a (good) editor

I got an urgent call from a man who was in Toronto on business. He had a technical document he had to present to a ministry within the government. He works for a huge software development company. Apparently this document he presented to the client was in desperate need of a restructure and copy edit. Poor guy. I got the feeling he had his tail between his legs. I said I could look at it and even make it a priority for the week.

Well, no wonder he called in a panic - it was in rough shape. There were typos and grammatical flaws all over the place and the structure didn't work. I was a little surprised that this document had been submitted as is, but that's so often the case: People in business don't think of the next step as the editing step. They go from document creation to document presentation.

Long story short, this top executive emailed back after reviewing the edit and said I was doing a great job and had added huge value for him and to the document. So you see, everyone needs an editor. We can help make you look better. I just wish I could make all executives come to realize that!

My point: never underestimate the value in having a fresh set of eyes review your work, no matter what that work is.

Your reputation's on the line.