Thursday, 22 May 2014

Dream Maker

I haven't posted in ages, 2.5 years it seems. I've been busy, busy making other people's dreams come true.

It sounds pretentious, but it's a fact.

I've gone back to working with a publisher full time, 2.5 years ago, though I still freelance with other clients a little bit too to keep that active. At that publishing house, I entered the scene when they were launching their first category romance line, a genre that had been well and truly dead for years.

Harlequin had cornered the market and made millions on those short books you see at the grocery store and drug store that change every month. Well, a new kid was in town and I was at the helm of that first new category line from a new company. It was a massive success, changing the face of category romance forever. Really. I kid you not.

The line I work with, and I'm still director of, was the first, and a half dozen more lines came after. It's an amazing success story.

So how does this equate with making people's dreams come true? By acquiring their manuscripts to publish, many of them first time authors. Day after day I engage with women (one man in all these years) discussing their stories and how they can make them better, what they need to do to get published, keep getting published, improve their plot, story, characters... I love it, but after so many years it can really get you down, especially if you have your own story to tell. Like I do.

I'll be writing more regularly again so if you have any questions about publishing or writing drop me a line at and I'll answer it here.